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   WHO AM I   

UPDATE: Covid has made traveling more challenging, and so this website underwent an unexpected break. Check out my Instagram link for shorter stories and pics, new blog content coming soon. :) 


Stats: Patricia, originally from Austria, wandered to the US in 2001. Historian, hiker, new blog adventurer, proud guardian of Fenrir, the Husky Shepherd mix, and Lily, the Paint horse mare. 


I wander and I wonder. About people and places, nature and urbanity. These are the stories of the people and places I have encountered on my wanderings. May they serve as inspiration, entertainment, and to stir your own curiosity to go and see all the beauty and wonders of this great big world. 


I am not a professional photographer, but I do love to take pictures, chronicle adventures, and tell and hear stories. I hope that what I lack in picture quality I make up with fun facts and a griping narrative. Ps - the prettier pictures can be found on myInstagram page. 


If you too have a story you would like to tell, email me at


My faithful copilot Fenrir and I, during 2019's super bloom at Carizzo plain. Yes, there will be an upcoming blog post with a lot more details and pictures. of this most spectacular adventure.

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